Advantages to be a cabin crew

You want to travel to new places, meet celebrities in first class and experience the glamour of being an airline steward or stewardess…Wow, this all sounds so good and positive, doesn’t it? However there is more to this job than just serving coffees, teas and meals to passengers and ensuring your make-up and hair looks perfect at all times.

You will have many advantages as a cabin crew. You will experience new things, you will meet many great people, and you get to see some beautiful places and cultures. Here is a list of advantages and cool things that come with this job:

(a) Attractive remuneration
(b) Opportunity to travel around the world
(c) Comprehensive life
(d) Medical insurance coverage
(e) Improved mannerism and grooming skills
(f) Enjoyable working environment
(g) Plenty of opportunities to get to know people from all walks of life and of different nationalities, and even pick up many words from different languages
(h) Get free or reduced-cost travel benefits for yourself, immediate family and friends
(i) Feel more independent
(j) Feel more responsible
(k) Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when helping passengers reach their destination.

ALSO…you can tell everyone you are a cabin crew as many people see it as a glamorous job.