Course Modules

Orientation of Airline Industry
& The Career as a Flight Attendant

- The Overview of the Aviation Industry.
- The Qualities Expected for a Flight Attendant
- Understanding of in-flight responsibilities and importance
- The differences between Flight Attendant as compare to other careers.

Professional Grooming Course

- Making good impression
- Grooming &Deportment
- Make-up and facial care
- Hair Style
- Proper Posture
- Interview Attire

English Proficiency Course

- Public Speaking
- Airline English Speaking
- Self Introduction
- Group Discussion
- Essay Writing
- CV / Resume Writing

Personality Development Course

- Customer Service Skills
- Public Relation Skills
- Self Attitude
- Self Manners
- Etc….

Interview Techniques and Skills

- Interview Techniques that suitable for Airline’s Interview.
- What to say and how to answer during the Interview.
- Interview Protocol
- Mock Interview

Airline’s Interview, Selection Requirement & Procedures

- The Sequence of Airline Interview.
- The Criteria and Requirement of Various Airlines.
- The background history of different Airlines
- Interview Q & A

Airline Knowledge

- GMT (Calculating time differences)
- The most common airport in the World
- Airline knowledge and History
- Airline Terminology
- World currency and geography

General Knowledge & Current Global Issues

- Current Airlines Development
- Cultures
- Current Issue
- Economics

Swimming Training

To provide Swimming Training and Water Confidence Test

Basic Knowledge of First Aid & Food & Beverage

- Airline basic safety and first aid
- Airline basic Foods and Beverages