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No, that’s not totally true.

There are many considerations for selecting candidates. Different airlines have different requirement.

eg. Middle East Airlines need to meet their min reach requirement whereas Asia Airlines need to meet their min height requirement.

However, airlines looks into individuals present presentation and personality:

  • Servable
  • Teachable
  • Team-player
  • Leadership
Centuria is now appointed by the Largest Airline in UAE and also a Singapore Base Airline as a local agent to recruit Steward and Stewardess, We are now recognized as the ONLY Aviation Man Power company in Malaysia and South East Asia. Centuria is unique among airline training schools because we quote an exact fixed-cost and complete our training program in an accelerated time frame.
Visible piercings (including tongue piercing and tooth jewellery) cannot be worn with the uniform or during your basic training. Any tattoos you have must be hidden by your uniform: they may not be covered by make-up or plasters.
We look at each candidate’s overall appearance.
At Centuria, we provide our students the weekday class and weekend class. We will arrange the course timetable based on the requirements of students and their schedule.
-45 for female
-55 for male
Monthly basic salary + Flying allowance + Laundry allowance + Food allowance.
(Flying allowance is based on the number of hours that you fly.)

  • Opportunity to travel around the world
  • Comprehensive life
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Get free or reduced-cost travel benefits for yourself, immediate family and friends.
  • Free ticket to anywhere every year
Airline interview is different from other companies’ interview as it is more professional and difficult. It involved the airline-related questions and airline-related knowledge besides the normal interview. That’s why it is required for the candidates to join the 3- month training before they attend the airline interview.
During the training, interview and officially working in airlines, it is only required to speak English. However, other languages are preferable.
Yes, we provide accommodation for our students. The accommodation is just opposite to the training school (2 minutes walking distance). There are different types of room for students to choose. Students only have to pay for the monthly rental which is a fair amount including electricity and water bills, provided it is a reasonable.
Yes, at Centuria, we will assist our students in getting a part-time job, especially those from outstation. Most of the part-time job is related to customer services which is more advantageous for their future airline career.
At Centuria, for those who had finished their training but decided not to join the airline interview or fail to pass the airline interview, we will still arrange the students to attend the training and/or provide them with other intensive as well as extra classes. Again we will arrange the airline interview for them with no extra charges for our courses.

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