Flight Attendants Preparatory Course

What makes Centuria unique?

Centuria’s training programs are designed to provide our students with the most focused and intensive Cabin Crew training. Centuria’s Airline Cabin Crew Program includes professional Airline English training and Flight Attendants Preparatory training taught by local and international airline trainers. Our training provides Centuria’s students with a solid foundation for a successful airline career.

Centuria is unique among airline training schools because we quote an exact fixed-cost and complete our training program in an accelerated time frame.Our Flight Attendants Preparatory Course will ensure our students are the most competitive and experienced cabin crews entering the airline market.We structure our training programs to ensure our students are prepared to meet the demands of becoming an airline cabin crew.

Centuria currently offers a wide array of airline-related courses and training which is grouped under the following categories:

  • Airline Academic English and Communication Skills
  • Flight Attendants Preparatory Course
  • Airline Interview Training and Mock Interview
  • Professional Grooming Course
  • Personality and Psychological Training
  • Other Airline-related Course

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